Important Note :

  1. BV Venue is Bella Vista Waterfront Venue. The hotel set within 14 acres of lush landscaped garden overlooking the mesmerising Andaman Sea. All events, run start and Finish and accommodation is in Bella Vista Waterfront Resort.
  2. We request all hasher to stay in house in Bella Vista or nearby suggested hotels to keep the timeline correctly.
  3. Those staying on your own or outside BV are requested to bring your change clothes and towel.
  4. Those staying outside BV, please arrange your own transport and follow the timeline. As the organiser will strictly follow timeline.
  5. Info materials will be given during registration about the location of bidding, registration, Day 1, Day 2 whereabout.
  6. There will be maps and itineraries placed at strategic location for the convenience of all hashers. Also serve the website www.bnh2021.com for infos soon.
  7. All areas are secured with police, security for illegal activity such as gambling, drugs or prostitution. So hasher please stay safe and enjoy the fun and entertainment arranged.
  8. Strickly no watering the plants. The management have their gardners. We have more than 50 toilets to utilise.
  9. Private property to be taken care at all times. CCTV, security, Rela and Police force are on servillience. You Break You Pay.
  10. The organiser would like a smooth and entertaining evening with everyone. Strickly No violance or you will be removed. All GMs take responsblity.
  11. Infomecial – intro given by Emcee and DJ for the booth and advertiser.
  12. Common Location in BV will be
    • Nautilus Restaurant – 1st Day EventNautilus corridor – 1st Day & 3rd Day exhibitors
    • Pool Bar – 1st Day Pub Crawl Run Start
    • Ball room – 2nd day Bidding
    • Splash Out (SO) – Run Start/End, Entertainment Day 2
    • Splash Out Corridor – 2nd Day Exhibitors
    • Parking Lot 1
    • Parking Lot 2

Pub crawl Run

This run is created for those early arrival. We want to keep you busy for a minimal fee and maximum fun. The Damage is RM 60 with a gift and exciting trial to run in city. Followed by a dinner. Limited to 250 pax at the restaurant. So we only cater for FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Registration opens at 1pm and close immediately we reach 250 pax.