Hashstory OF Batang Bulldog Hash House Harriers 

My lovely Hash brothers n friends. We welcome you to this 13th Batang Nash Hash 2021 Website. This website was created for the support and convenience of all Hash and their family members. We are making the tourist spot, facilities and services in Langkawi available to your convenience.

I would like take this opportunity to welcome all chapters for the upcoming 13th BNH 2021. We welcome you.

I had great privilege to set up a hash house club with a small team of 6 members in Sept 2013. We ran for some 7km in the jungle of Puchong Wawasan. Resting after the run, got our heads squeezed and juiced out to start a hash chapter. Blessing was given from a senior hasher and our late Murugan, ex MHC Chairman. It took us a month before a name was decided.

Bulldog…because we were consuming stout and Batang…because only dicks and hash house harriers follow the tradition.

From only 2 members, today the club have grown to 36 members. Our inaugural run was an Octoberfest Run held in Eco Park on 16th Oct 2013. The club was approved and registered with ROS on 9th December 2013.

Apart from the club hashing activities, we have also organised annual charity drive. In the past 7 years, we had successfully organised 4 charity Events and 2 celebration run. In 2014, we had the first event, a charity drive to collect clothes and rice bag for Anbe Sivam. The following year 2015 our Hare Koli organised a run to raise fund for Tamil school, we donated school uniform to 45 students, stationeries and books to Sepang Tamil school. In 2016 we organised a Charity Dinner & Dance for Banting Tamil School to build computer Lab. We successfully accomplished this and was flashed on Tamil Dailies. In 2017, again our Hare Speedboat organised to raise fund for an orphanage house in Petaling Jaya. In 2018, we had our 5th anniversary in South Thailand Dannok. It was a great success with 380pax hash members. With the current enthusiastic members, I believe the club will move forward to create a memorable 13th Batang Nash Hash 2021. This will be a great achievement to add to the milestone journey of Batang Bulldog.

With this, I would like to welcome all hashers from South East Asian countries to support this national event.

Grand Bulldog